Best professional clippers (2019)

Best professional hair clippers are devices specifically designed to create stylish and trendy hairstyles. No master of hairdressing does not do without such a device. With the help of professional machines to perform a haircut is not worse than in the salon, you can at home.

Features of selected models

Powerful motors of devices cope with the most various types of hair.

The devices have a long and durable wire that does not hamper movement and does not interfere with cutting hair when working on the electrical grid.

The knife blocks are made of high quality steel containing alloyed additives. This feature of making blades increases the durability of the use of machines.

Professional devices usually have a very low level of vibration, work almost silently.

The cars are equipped with batteries that hold a charge for a long time. A special indicator on the side of the case will allow time to recharge the battery.

Advantages and disadvantages

Professional cars have a number of undeniable advantages:

The case and all parts are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that are completely safe for humans and the environment.

The cars have convenient dimensions and low weight.

High-tech processing blades provide high-quality and accurate haircut.

The devices have many functions, including: beard and mustache trimming, hair removal from the ears and nose, eyebrow and temples correction.

Noiseless operation and low vibration levels allow cutting at any time of the day. The quiet operation of the machine is not afraid of small children.

The package includes accessories for cleaning the appliance and hair care.

As disadvantages, the following are distinguished:

Blades do not self sharpen.

The package does not provide a case for storage and transportation.

High price.

What to look for when choosing

Buying a professional clipper is not easy. We hope that our recommendations will help you find a high-quality and durable device:

Purchase professional devices only in specialized stores or on the official websites of manufacturers of household appliances.

Before buying, carefully inspect the machine and accessories to protect themselves from purchasing defective items.

If you are an avid traveler or lover of outdoor activities, choose a compact, lightweight machine with a capacious battery.

Remember: the more powerful the engine, the faster and more successfully it will cope with thick and tough hair.

The presence of the function of wet cleaning will create additional convenience when using the device.

Top 3 men who go to the gym

Brain-beaks .

These are the guys who necessarily need a mentor. For them, he is like a navigator in a racing car. Brain-beak consults with each of his actions with the trainer. How many approaches to do, how best to get up, but would it not be superfluous to throw another 5 kg of weight onto that empty barbell, which he lifts exactly 5 times? Such people - the trouble of the coach. After each approach, they can drive in and hammer other people’s brains with the same questions. A lot of enthusiasm, which for the first couple of months just rolls over. Then it either fades away, or the brain beak flies away to warm countries and no longer appears in this room.

Quiet .

The opposite of the brain beaks. On the one hand, they are completely dependent on the coach and without him even the laces cannot tie. On the other hand, they shit deeply at what to do. The party said the Komsomol answered - yes. In addition to “Hello!” And “Goodbye!” From them for the whole workout a little can be heard. Periodically, the coach has to get up and look for a quiet dude around the hall, because he is so self-contained that he forgets to move to the next trainer, looping his exercises in one corner. Such people believe that without a trainer and a compiled program their biceps will not grow by any means, even though you are bursting.

Handsome .

These are mostly young guys of good looks who revel in their muscular bodies. After each approach, the handsome man makes a circle of honor around the hall, moving from one mirror to another. Did your biceps grow a couple of centimeters? And the chest, how does it look from the side? Is the back rather triangular when viewed from behind? Such people, passing by the shop windows, do not look at the assortment of goods behind the glass. They burn their reflection in the stained glass windows and nod satisfactorily, “yes, I am nishtyak, but you can still pump the relief!” Chicks often let their saliva look at these guys, because they really look pretty. They can swing for a very long time, for years, because catching admiring glances on themselves is one of the goals in their lives.